Prescription Denied: Accessing The Abortion Pill

This time I choose to talk about the video: the reason for it is because it is very informative. I actually did not know any of the information provided. I am not here to say I am against or pro-abortion I just feel like this topic might be helpful for many women. The video is about the abortion pill Mifeprex. This pill has been totally restricted by the FDA to be sold at any pharmacies it has to be provided by a doctor and follow different procedures before a doctor prescribed the pill to a patient. Throughout the video, an investigation about why this pill is so restricted has been done. By the FDA this pill is considered one of the riskiest and most dangerous pills to take. After the investigation made, we see that this might not be that accurate “FDA data shows there is no direct link between taking the pill and the deaths. Nearly half of the recorded deaths appear to be related to homicide, drug abuse, suicide, and emphysema”. What is true is that abortion is a controversial and delicate topic. But besides this as humans, we need to keep ourselves informed and respect each other decisions.


NEWSY.COM is actually a new website to me. I did not hear about this website before. I found it very interesting since the home page has the most recent news. Divided by Top Stories, Editor’s Spotlight, Featured, Coronavirus and Politics. Besides the home page news, it has a drop-down menu to select the category of news of your interest. I notice that this website is mainly conformed by videos and a description of the news. This makes the readers be more engaged with the news. The first video news I saw was about what happened recently at the Oscars with Will Smith and Chris Rock “Will Smith, Chris Rock Confrontation Shocks Oscars Audience”. The second video was from the impressive accident on Pennsylvania Highway “Some 40 Vehicles Collide on Snowy Pennsylvania Highway”. The third and last news saw was “Shanghai Starts China’s Biggest COVID-19 Lockdown In 2 Years” which really surprised me since we were seeing how Covid-19 was starting to settle down in Shanghai it’s coming back.


Hyperlocal news is very important and fundamental for a community the goal is to provide information focused on a well-defined community and share the interests of that community’s residents to keep them informed. When we talk about hyperlocal news sites, we can mention Axios which provides articles from local journalists. The second one is Tampa Bay Newspapers which in my opinion I found very well organized. At the top has all different options to select depending on what type of information like different counties, local events, beaches, etc. The third and last one I found was in which you can search your city and read the information provided. There are all kinds of news very interesting in the hyperlocal sites because sometimes on the regular news sites we can get lost and not find the local news.

Photojournalism Story

Since I work at the airport, I found really interesting to share a day at the airport. How the airport looks, and people are doing at the airport. Taking in Consideration that at the airport we see passengers, workers, animals, and people who are receiving or picking up the passengers. Tampa Airport is a small airport but very organized and easy for passengers to find the gates. Through my photojournalism story I want to show different areas of the airport. Airport environment sometimes can be stressful. Getting to show Tampa Airport might help some people and prepare them when its time from travel. Tampa Airport currently host domestic and international flight. Some of the airline you can flight out of TPA (Tampa International Airport) are Southwest, Spirit, British Airways, Alaska, Eurowings, Edelweiss, Air Canada, Silver, Delta, Copa, Cayman, and more. Stay tuned for this project that I am pretty sure you will enjoy it.

How to Succeed on Social Media?

Instagram and Tiktok have been two big social media platforms that have been impacting us as a society lately. A new way to make money has merged to the surfaces with these two platforms. “Content Creator” has become a title job nowadays. Creating content for these platforms is not an as easy job as people assumed. It takes time, a lot of creativity, and constancy. Getting an audience that wants to see your content has become more common. Getting into this field us social media platform has been generating a lot of money for the Content Creators. Companies don’t want to advertise their products on TV anymore. They preferred to pay Content Creators for advertising their products on these platforms. What is interesting is that you don’t need millions of followers to make this your job. To succeed in these platforms is important to interact with your audience. This is important since the audience can tell you what content they liked more and what they want to continue to see. Create authentic content. Companies are looking for something different now that this has become so popular everyone will try to do the same. Standing out from the rest is the key. Share something that might help your audience it can be small things but there is always something that might help someone in a way.

Having a Podcast?

Having a podcast is something that has been going through my mind that I still don’t discard. If I had a podcast, I think I will do it on topics that people don’t want to talk about. I would like to express myself freely about life, relationships, cultures, immigration, feelings, among others. I will have a guest for each of the episodes to get a different point of view, but I like controversial topics but at the same time I want my audience to learn something from it. I would like to create my podcast so people can feel like they are not alone, they have someone to laugh with, listen to crazy stories, experiences from others, and entertain them. I would like my podcast to be for females and male adults. Since there are certain topics that might not be for kids. I think one day I will create my podcast because I have so many topics that I want to talk about and share with people.

Preparation for The Interview

My preparation for the interview consists of first, reading the information about the person I am going to interview. This way I as interviewer have a background and I can set the topic of the interview and have questions prepared. Next, find a quiet place for the interview. It is important so the interview doesn’t lose its importance by distractions. After having where or how the interview is going to take place, practice is key. Practicing how I am going to ask the questions; I’ll do it in front of the mirror, or I ask a family member to practice. For my interview, I choose Nicole Santos. The reason I selected Santos was that I believe she has a very interesting story to share on her journey as an immigrant. One issue I have encountered was to set a day and time that worked for both to do the interview. I was able to overcome this issue by doing the interview by zoom which facilitate everything for us.

Who Am I Going to Interview?

Being able to interview someone is an opportunity to get to know different aspects of a person’s life. Since I arrived at the United States, I became interested in other immigrant’s stories. As immigrant, I know what it feels to leave everything behind. Its not an easy decision to take. I have had the opportunity to know a lot of people and get to listen their stories as immigrants. Immigration has impacted United States in all aspects. There are so many interesting stories out there to be tell.

For my very first interview I would like to interview Nicole Santos, a student from Hillsborough Community College at Tampa. She is an immigrant with a story to share with us. At her young age, she left her country to start again here in the United Stated. Some specific question I’ll be asking her are what was the reason to leave your country? why did you choose United States? what did you felt when leaving? These are questions that will help me to understand better her story and get to know her more.

Get to know me…

Hello, my name is Oriana Chacon.

Welcome to my blog! Here you are going to be reading and learning about fashion, trends, social media, travel, and much more. Let me tell you about me, I am from Venezuela (South America), and I was born and raised there. So, my native language is Spanish. I came to the United States of America six years ago. Learning English wasn’t easy for me but what helped me the most was that I was able to start as a sophomore in High School. It was very challenging, and I am still learning and working hard to improve my English every day. The reasons I left Venezuela are due to the horrible economic, political, and social situation of the country. I am a very creative person; I love everything about art and fashion. My passions are modeling, photography, and creating content for social media. I have a YouTube channel where I post vlogs, challenges, and different entertaining videos. I love being in front of a camera creating content, which is what I love and expressing myself freely.  

Also, I am pursuing a Mass Communication degree. After, I will transfer to USF to complete a bachelor’s degree in the same field. My goal is to improve my skills in writing, public speaking, editing, and the use of media equipment.  

I am very excited to start sharing my knowledge with you!